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Fleet Telematics

Fleet Telematics is the way of monitoring the location, movements, status and behavior of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles.
MDP Fleet is the smarter Fleet Telematics suite of solutions. We have developed both mobile phone App only and OBD-App solutions. Using either of them, you will see current locations of your fleet vehicles as well as all historical trips carried out by your drivers.
The OBD based product gives you even additonal layers of visibility into your fleet, such as automatic VIN reading, when maintenance is due for each vehicle, engine idle times, battery level, and several more.

Driving Behavior

MDP Insurance product (under development) enables Usage Based Insurance (UBI). For decades, people have considered the auto insurance premium like a tax that they have to pay pretty much regardless of their actual driving behavior. This is no longer acceptable and people want to be rewarded for being a safe driver.
Using phone while driving, and in particular texting, is a major source of distraction, specially among teenagers. MDP Insurance App can assist drivers by sending (on Android phones only) automated text message in response to incoming text message and/or call received whilst driving.

Commuter Ride-Sharing

We encourage ride sharing to reduce greenhouse gas emission, traffic congestion, and saving money! Simply put, when we carpool, we will drive less and save money. Automobiles and light trucks are considered the largest contributors to air quality problems in US.
A lot of commuters prefer sharing ride. But, finding carpool buddy is not so easy. Little harder than that is splitting the commute cost!!
MDP Commute product (under development) addresses all of these issues. We identify and match drivers and riders using our innovative patent-pending method.

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(Android App will be available in June 2016)

About MyDrivingPal

MDP develops SaaS (Software As A Service) Hardware and App products that deliver Connected Vehicle and Location Based Services. We are technology company, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.